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Latest Reviews


Christine Tolhurst


I was a client of Steve's for about 5 months. During that time, I was told my insurance premium was $96 per month for full coverage insurance. In the second month there, I added another vehicle, then in the third month, I removed it. Or so I thought. Steve seems to have trouble remembering conversations. When I went to pay my payment in the 4th month, I found he had not removed the vehicle like I had asked him to and now I was going to have to pay to insure a car I did not even own anymore because of his mistake in not removing it in the third month. I tried to state that that was his mistake and I would not be paying that and I did not feel it was ethical to ask me to do that. He agreed it was his mistake and payed $20 of the extra $40 that was for the other car he did not remove. Again, I told him I did not feel it was right to ask me to pay for his mistake. His response was," Are you just going to argue with me? I have been in business for 20 something years and I have had people try to argue with me and it never works. Accountants at insurance companies do not make mistakes." The mistake was HIS, not the insurance company's! He ASSURED ME and showed me his screen on his computer telling me it would be 87 dollars the next month if I paid this $20 now. While I did not feel it was fair or ethical to pay it, I did because he would not back down and pay his mistake in it's entirety and I need insurance on my vehicle.
The 5th month, I went in to pay my insurance, it was somehow 104 dollars. Remember, I was ASSURED it would only be 87 dollars the previous month, right? Well, when I asked him why it was not the 87 he had told me it would be this month, he got extremely defensive and basically told me it was so high because I had not paid the $20 I "owed" from the previous month and at first, said he did not recall ever having that conversation with me. At this point, I was furious. Again, I tried to remind him of what he had told me the previous month and he told me he wouldn't argue with me about it. There were several people in the office hearing this conversation and after trying to tell him I thought he was incorrect, again, he stated, "In my 20 something years of business I have never been wrong and I don't argue with people because it never gets anywhere."The worst part? He decided to take a "poll" and asked the other clients in the office to show by raise of hands how he should "deal with me since I just want to argue."I was very angry at the embarrassment and with anger placed my money for my premium on his desk and told him I would find another agent after this month. He shoved it back at me, telling me "I don't want your business." I demanded he take my money as I could not have a lapse in my insurance because he wanted to be a difficult person. I left the office completely in tears. I have never been so embarrassed in my life.
I would NEVER recommend this man as an agent to anyone. Especially not women. He has shown he has 0 professionalism and isn't even a decent human being!

Response from the owner

Christine, We apologize for your poor experience. I know that this review is a couple years old but if we can help please give us a call. Our apologies.


Krystle Merseal


Will stop and look at other rates to help find cheaper and affordable insurance.


Ashley Shaffer


Our insurance has been with Affordable Insurance for years! We have moved multiple times, bought/sold homes/rentals, started businesses, changed cars...
every time they have been great at getting us quotes, communicating with us, educating us. They do get really busy and when you go into the office their will probably be two or three other people, but that's because they are the best. They are always patient with me and get what I need done, done! Oh yeah...
great rates! They have tons of companies to choose from and to find the best rate for your personal situation!

Response from the owner

Thank you Ashley! We appreciate your business!


Hannah Anders


Steve has been my insurance agent for 5 years and has always gone above and beyond to help me with finding the best value, and has been recently helping me determine the insurance rate for possible vehicles as I'm car shopping. Fully reccomend! He'll always be my insurance guy.

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F.A.Q. about Affordable Insurance

What do locals say about Affordable Insurance and their car services?

Many trust Affordable Insurance for their car needs. They have an excellent 3.5 star rating, based on the experiences of 21 locals.

When can I contact Affordable Insurance for car services?

Feel free to connect with Affordable Insurance on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

What is the best way to get in touch with Affordable Insurance?

You can give them a ring at 14067217446 or explore their website at for additional information.

Can I visit Affordable Insurance in person?

Absolutely! You are welcome to drop by Affordable Insurance at 1830 South Ave W, Missoula, MT, 59801 to discuss your car service needs.