Avis Car Rental

Avis Car Rental

Frequently Asked Questions about Avis Car Rental

Where can I locate Avis Car Rental branches for car services via CarServiceLoc?

Avis Car Rental provides a wide array of car services across its 1064 locations in 795 cities. Boasting a 3.6-star rating, they are dedicated to ensuring top-quality car care for you.

What are the rumors about Avis Car Rental?

"Update: still great service! Clean cars. Lots of options. This location is super convenient located inside the Sawgrass Marriott. The staff here is wonderful, quick, and friendly. I would definitely use this location over any other rental …"

"EXCELLENT customer service from Cindy, Mark and Stephanie. I really cannot say enough good things about the entire experience from renting to returning. Cindy has such a kind, gracious, friendly, and sincere manner and she truly cares about each and every customer. I was able to watch her interact with and serve several customers ahead of me and was so impressed with her quality of service. She is really a genuine and bright presence! The entire rental process was easy and efficient. I HIGHLY recommend this Avis location!"

"I recently had an exceptional experience with this car rental agency, especially thanks to their incredibly personable and knowledgeable agent. He was attentive, genuinely interested in meeting my needs, and provided insightful advice to ensure a perfect vehicle selection. His commitment to customer service was unparalleled and truly refreshing.
The vehicle provided was also top-notch - reliable, well-maintained, and a pleasure to drive. The entire rental process was smooth, efficient, and hassle-free, reflecting the high standards upheld by the agency. This agency stands as a testament to the fact that stellar customer service still exists. For an uncomplicated and enjoyable car rental experience, I highly recommend this agency. A well-earned five stars!"